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Bespoke Design Service

At CoziZone, we recognize that every individual has unique requirements. Our Bespoke Design Solutions cater to those who seek specialized professional advice without the commitment of a full redesign. Whether it's crafting an alluring accent wall or optimizing a snug corner, we've got you covered. Here's how our service unfolds:

1. Choose Your Focus

Decide the specific design element you'd like our expertise on. Be it wall paints, accent walls, lighting nuances, or furniture selections, we're here to help.

3.One Click Away

Along with our suggestions, you'll get:


Direct links for purchases, making your shopping experience hassle-free.

A curated list ensuring quality and aesthetic alignment with your space.

2.Visualize Your Choices

For a transparent fee of just $499, you'll receive:


Up to three professionally curated options tailored to your request.

Detailed descriptions ensuring you grasp the essence of each design element.

4.Guidance at Every Step

With our selections, we provide:

Comprehensive installation guidelines, if necessary.

The flexibility for you to get the items installed at your own pace and convenience.

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