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About Us

 Where Dreams Meet Design !

Located in the vibrant heart of Frisco, TX, CoziZone is more than just an interior decorating service; it’s where your vision for a dream home is beautifully realized. We specialize in blending global aesthetics with local charm to create spaces that deeply resonate with their inhabitants.

At the helm of CoziZone is Neha, a passionate interior decorator whose extensive travels have enriched her approach to decorating. From the lively markets of India to the sleek urban settings abroad, Neha incorporates a rich tapestry of design elements into every project. Her unique ability to fuse her Indian heritage with contemporary styles results in living spaces that are both timeless and inspiring.

CoziZone stands for comfort and personalization. 'Cozi' evokes a sense of warmth and relaxation, while 'Zone' represents the bespoke spaces we meticulously curate for each client. When you step into a CoziZone creation, you enter a space where every detail is tailored to enhance your lifestyle, marrying beauty with functionality.

Discover the CoziZone difference, where each project is a journey of discovery, and every room is a testament to bespoke elegance and practical design. Let us transform your space into a stunning narrative of your personal style and elegance.

Principal/Lead Stylist

Having more than a decade of experience in styling homes, a passion and dedication for helping others, Neha launched CoziZone in 2019. Neha has lived in different parts of the world and has gained unique insights into various cultures and their design preferences. Her years spent in Scandinavia have helped her develop an eye for incorporating simple yet elegant elements in her designs. She draws her inspiration from her travels and her passion for creating beautiful spaces. She believes that a well-designed space should not only be visually appealing but also functional and reflective of the client's personality and lifestyle. Neha strives to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also meet the practical needs of her clients.

Image of principal interior stylist Neha of CoziZone
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